Muben space by ShenZhen muben industrial design Co.,Ltd., Muben innovative supply chain (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shanding Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. We focus on smart home, consumer electronics, on-board products, intelligent products , professional equipment and other areas. We take product design as the core, provide industrial design; CMF design; appearance hand plate; structural design; structural hand plate; scheme integration design (PCBA stacking, function setting planning, solution choice); Brand strategy design (LOGO design, box design, WeChat promotion map; WeChat video; brochure design); supply chain integration services (mold design and production; small batch trial production; production and supply control) eight service modules. Here, you can enjoy a precise service process, our hot product strategy and the most quality-to-price ratio of the design, can maximize the value of the design! Into a valuable product!
June: Shenzhen Muben Industrial Design Co., Ltd. was established in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. November: Shenzhen Muben Industrial Design Co., Ltd. listed the Bluetooth keyboard tablet for SmartQ integration, and the market responded well.
Shenzhen Muben Industrial Design Co., Ltd. integrated design series face recognition attendance machine, intelligent door lock, etc. for Zhongkong ZKTeco Hanwang and other companies, allowing herder to enter the security design field, and then achieved good results for the design of Gao Paiyi for China Southern Power Grid.
Shenzhen Muben Industrial Design Co., Ltd. entered the automotive market for the electronic vehicle design of the electronic dog Aston Martin, and subsequently designed the radar electronic dog recorder and other products for Junan, Weiss, O'Neill and Yitu. Sales surged in March.
Shenzhen Muben Industrial Design Co., Ltd. is a three-in-one recorder for the integration of Junan. The single radar and other products have opened the door to the Russian market, creating a blue ocean for the domestic e-commerce market and the automotive after-loading market. In the same year, various products of Makino were listed on the market. The 50% of the company has allowed Makino to gain a foothold in the automotive industry.
Shenzhen Muben Industrial Design Co., Ltd. re-recognized the importance of design in the series of oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and signal sources designed by Shenzhen Dingyang Technology Co., Ltd. Rigorous and harmonious is our consistent design proposition.
Development Path
Shenzhen Muben Industrial Design Co., Ltd. is constantly improving its design while paying more attention to resource integration. The company is co-investing in cooperation with Junan. The G7 all-in-one driving recorder glory is listed in the subversive industry. The field industry is favored by Taiwan and Russia. The cumulative sales of G7 is nearly 400,000 units and is still growing.
Muben invested in the establishment of its own mold injection injection plant Shenzhen Shanding Technology Co., Ltd., to do resource integration for customers, design and production of one-stop service, enhance design added value.
The driving recorder rearview mirror developed by Muben Investment was unveiled at Wuhan Jinzhan, igniting the entire car boutique industry. In the same year, the sales volume of this model was 850,000, which is still growing, imitating plagiarism. The endless stream. The company has become an unseen design team in the automotive industry. The company has expanded its staff to 20 people and the company's turnover has increased.
Volkswagen innovation, advancing with the times, and the pastoralism is not far behind. In March, the founder of the pastor of the company, the team, dreams of the team, and the intelligent small Y robot designed by Makino in Shanghai won the China Star financing sea election and stood out from the 90 enterprise projects. The top 6 and negotiated project investment with many well-known investors.
Shepherd participated in the Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition and achieved good results in the exhibition, and won the attention and interviews of many TV media.
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